Su Jok therapy 10 Frequently asked questions

1. What are the basic principles in Su Jok therapy?
According to the principles of Onnuri medicine and Oriental Energetic Concepts, diseases are due to the imbalances of the forces acting on the body and mind. Su Jok achieves cure by bringing on balance and harmony of the forces in the body and mind.   
2. Is Su Jok  therapy used only to treat hand and feet diseases?
No, though Sujok treatment is done only on hands & feet it is for all the diseases affecting all the systems & whole body.   
3. What is the difference between Su Jok Acupuncture and Chinese Acupuncture?
The concept and principles are the same. In Su Jok the treatment is done only on hands and feet. In Chinese Acupuncture – on the whole body.   
4. What are the materials used in Su Jok?
Treatment may be done by micro magnets, laser, rollers, ring massagers, moxas, seeds as well as simple hand massage.
5. How many days will it take to help with disease?
Usually 5-10 sitting therapies are more than enough to achieve a satisfactory health improvement. 
6. How permanent is the treatment effectiveness?
Treatment effectiveness is almost permanent if the practitioner administers complete course of treatment and patient adheres to the advise on changes in life style (exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. ) and food regulation.  
7. Is there any side effect for the treatment?
Su Jok is 100% safe.   
8. What precaution should I take during the treatment?
There is no need for any precautions to be taken during the treatment. Since the therapy is most natural and curing only the natural forces in and around the body it is one of the safest therapies. Diet and lifestyle change as advised by therapist will improve the therapy.
9. Can I undergo Su Jok combined with other treatments like Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Chinese Acupuncture etc?
Su Jok can be done along with any other system of therapy.
No contraindication. No side effects.   
10. In which countries Sujok is being practiced?
Onnuri Medicine and Sujok Acupuncture are being practiced about all over the world (U.S.A, Europe, South America and in Far Eastern Countries). It is now available and in New Zealand 

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