Su Jok Workshop - Auckland - New Zealand     Click here to book you space at Su Jok workshop

15 October 2011

9:30am - 4:30pm

New Zealand School of Acupuncture
and TCM (Auckland Campus)

382 Manukau Road Epsom, Auckland

$99 NZ (incl. GST)

Su Jok therapy is an effective natural healing therapy without medication. It is a safe and convenient practice with no side effects. The therapy is performed by magnets, light rollers, massage rings, seeds, micro needles and hand massage.

The Su Jok workshop is facilitated by Dr Vesna Zdravkovic.

Vesna was trained as a medical doctor overseas. She holds a postgraduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Massey University, and has been

practising Su Jok therapy in New Zealand for the past ten years. She is the appointed Su Jok trainer in New Zealand for International Su Jok Academy, and is the founder and president of Su Jok Onnuri New Zealand Inc. (

Workshop places are limited.

For enquiries, please contact:
Dr Vesna Zdravkovic Tel: 09 8383335 or 0800 880033
Email: or

The Workshop Programme

• Su Jok therapy overview

Su Jok correspondence systems
• Basics of standard correspondence system on hands and feet
• Insect correspondence systems
• Mini systems

Su Jok seed therapy
• Theory of using seeds for therapy
• Applications of seeds based on pressure, similarity-shapes, magnetic properties, colours and spices

Seed application on correspondence points
• Practical application of seeds tostimulate correspondence points in different correspondence systems
• Examples for most common muscular-skeletal problems

Su Jok massage therapy and massage tools
• Using your hands for hand and foot massage using Su Jok correspondences
• Variety of Su Jok massage tools for massage stimulation of correspondence points

Su Jok moxa therapy
• Overview of moxa application for treatment on correspondence points
• Characteristics of smokeless moxa.
• Treatment through energy points on hands and feet
• Conditions commonly treated with moxa

Su Jok Byol meridians and energy flow therapy
• Introduction to Byol Meridians on hands and feet
• Basics of energy flow therapy
• Relationship between Byol Meridians, systems of organs, organs and most common symptoms

Su Jok magnet therapy
• History of magnet therapy
• Characteristics of magnets for therapy
• Magnets for energy flow treatment

Practical magnet therapy
• Applying magnets for common health problems

Su Jok colour and light therapy
• Different colours for different energies
• Plain light therapy
• Various therapeutic examples of colour and light applications

Practical colour and light therapy
• Practice colour and light therapy for some health problems

Most common health problems
• Some simple treatment options for Headache, back pain, joints problems, sinuses, asthma, constipation, sleeping problems, low energy levels

Certificate presentation and closing
• Attendance and membership certificates

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Su Jok Light Therapy

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